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tv   ABC 7 News at Noon  ABC  December 5, 2013 12:00pm-12:31pm EST

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♪ i picked it out in a snap ♪ what made it genius ♪ was my camouflage wrap ♪ that's my kind of holiday x live from the abc 7 broadcast center, this is abc seven news at noon on your side. >> new at noon, a fast food walkout. workers on strike are calling for higher wages.
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the protests are going all around the nation. we begin this noon with a teacher arrested, accused of showing up to an elementary school drunk. the sheriff's office says he got to school by driving. facing several charges, including dui. >> what our school officials saying about this? speaking to school officials moments ago, they tell us she has -- he has been a teacher here at loudoun county for the past nine years. we understand that the 48-year- old has been a pe teacher here at the lemon tree and courting to law-enforcement officials, he is facing several charges. to law-enforcement officials, he is facing several charges. he was acting different, possibly intoxicated. during the investigation, that he wass found driving under the influence and
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possession of alcohol on school property. class, buth one gym that it was taught with other teachers. he was never alone with students. >> he was never alone with children. arose, we the problem handled it rapidly. >> he was released on bond. according to the investigation by sheriff's officers, the school district is conducting an independent investigation as well. we will have this -- more coming up at 5:00. we have learned that a child is dead and four others injured after a dump truck collided with a school bus in idaho. this happened about 30 minutes outside of boise. the local sheriffs office said as many as 10 children were on board heading to annulment three school. the dump truck hit the back of the bus at an intersection. it is unclear who was at fault.
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right here in our area, some metro riders are free again after being trapped in elevator for at least 20 minutes this morning. a word stuck in one of the new metro elevators, those that just opened in october. crews were able to get it moving again. now, fastng right food workers are on strike in our area and around the country as well. they are walking off the job. live at the national mall with what is going on. how does it look out there, john? >> thousandsf mcdonald's employees are currently protesting here in front of the air and space museum. they work inside at the mcdonald's. there is a large crowd and they have been challenging police throughout the morning, blocking traffic and disrupting the area. is the type of protest we've been seeing around the country today. thousands of minimum-wage employees in hundreds of cities around the country are not
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working today. -- thee protesting protests at this broadway mcdonald's started before dawn. withyees marched out demands an hour before lunch time. the iconic obama posters have been changed from hope to help. they are wearing santa hats and jingle bells, but it is a union to moveational movement them from $7.25 an hour to more than double to nearly $15. the fast food industry warns if you raise the minimum wage, you create fewer jobs and raise the prices of meals by as much as 20%. perhaps fueling this one-day strike and demonstrations is the fact that president obama has expressed support in the past couple of days for the movement that has drawn nearly 50,000
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signatures on an online petition to secure the right to unionize. this woman says, we have to pay extensive rent, food, and metro. $10 after 11 years, it's just not enough. >> back here live, a typical fast food employee makes just $19,000 a year. some of these folks say they are willing to get arrested to get the point across. right now, they are on a lunch break. we will have to see what happens for the rest of the day. >> in just about 30 minutes, montgomery counties new minimum- wage bill will officially become law. giveeggett is scheduled to the bill his signature. a higher wage in over the next four years and would eventually reach $11.50 an hour by 2015. -- 2017. year more for a full-
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time year-round worker. income a billionaire has learned her fate for a crash that killed a woman in northern virginia. the co-owner of the mars candy company received a $2500 fine and her license was suspended for six months. suvctober, her porsche crossed the centerline on 50 hitting a minivan head-on. the porsche suv crossed the centerline on route 50 and hit a minivan was up she was charged with reckless driving. we still do not know what caused the pet store fire that left several dead in maryland. it started at an exotic pet store in rising sun. the fire caused $750,000 in damage. facebook and twitter say they have reset the passwords of all those users affected by the massive hack attack. more than 2 million stolen passwords were found on a server
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in the netherlands. somewhere in the united states, users that use sites like yahoo! and google. the passwords were pretty easy to get. they include password like these. experts say these simple passwords are not very useful. >> also around the nation, big problems in the midwest, digging out from several inches of snow. you see right here in minnesota, nearly three feet fell in some parts of that state. police responding to some 300 crashes and spin outs around minnesota. seems -- >> it seems harsh for us to be talking about how wonderful our weather here is in the nation capital -- the nation's capital, but man, eileen, 64 degrees. >> i will take the credit for this one. if you are a warm weather fan, enjoy it, because big changes are on the way. let's take a look at what is going on outside right now.
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the window we have in our studio, there is sunlight that you can see from our rooftop camera. 59 degrees at reagan national with winds out of the south pumping in the warm air. it is 70 degrees in culpeper. 57 in quantico due to the river. let me zoom out to show you the distinct cold front. just looking at this temperature map, you can see where those temperatures are. intothe northern plains the rockies. it is 15 degrees below zero right now in great falls. three degrees in denver and rapid city. it is colder right now in dallas than it is in syracuse, new york. and itpotent cold front sliding through our
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area. if your travels take you into dallas, oklahoma, missouri, all of those areas will be dealing with a lot of freezing rain and ice. and i'm afraid freezing rain and ice will be a concern for us as we head into the latter half of the weekend. >> we will see you in a few. happening right now, metro says it is working on a $2.9 billion budget proposal at their meeting. fares would rise about three percent under the proposal. standard bus fare would kris -- would increase 15 cents more. and parking would increase by $.25. >> it is about creating a budget that balances the source of revenue between the jurisdictions in the form of fares. it is a very modest fare proposal. >> they will review the proposal and vote on whether to move forward. if approved, it will take effect
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july 1. noon, policeew at say 30-year-old brian blain of manasseh seem to be racing his car along the franconia springfield parkway last night. we are told he lost control and hit a tree. speed was a factor in the crash. it is unclear if alcohol might have played a role. a developing story happening in libya. an american teacher is dead after being shot to death in benghazi. a spokesperson says the man was jogging when he and -- we he was attacked. the man was from texas and taught at an international school. someone attacked keri russell while she was sleeping in her own home. mayoro's controversial weighing in on abc radio station. we will tell you the allegations he tried to -- on a d.c. radio
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station. we will tie the allegations he tried to cover up. to --s, roebuck returns amy roebuck returns to gma. and
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>> two men are under arrest in new york city for breaking into actress keri russell's home while she was sleeping. 50-year-old ronald swindall and nephew stephan swindall were handcuffed and led to the police station. they are charged with burglarizing to homes.
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in was at break- russell home in brooklyn. she woke up to hear the men talking. they had stolen her laptop, handbag, and some jewelry. she was ok. ford, toronto's mayor, and gave his opinion changing redskins not their name. >> what do we call the cleveland indian? the cleveland aboriginals? it's been around for years and years. >> if you remember, ford has also been accused of having some cocaine issues. he denied allegations that he tried to buy a tape that showed him smoking crack. there are reports he offered gang members $5,000 and a car. but ford called it "an outright lie your cup -- "an outright lie "an outright
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lie." >> six weeks ago, av robot underwent a double mastectomy. went under the knife for a double mastectomy. she said she is so thankful to be alive. >> i'm thankful to be alive. shehysically, she said feels ok, but mentally she said toef still has a long road recovery. >> it forces you to live in the moment. >> doctors found another malignant tumor and also saw some problems in her left breast. the cancer spread to the lymph nodes. that means she will have rounds of chemotherapy. while she knows it will be tough, she said she will work through it, drawing strength from another gma cancer survivor, robin roberts. >> i saw a robin do it. i know how strong you were. and you give me strength,
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because it is important to get up each day even if you don't feel great. >> she shared her story in the most recent addition of people magazine. she hopes to inspire others, including her two daughters. >> it's good to know that you get to be thankful to be alive. it's a reminder to all of us that you never know what is around the corner. is to have four months of chemotherapy. she will begin that on december 16. sendingf course, we are her nothing but well wishes. >> exactly. >> welcome, eileen. happy to have you here today. it's weird that it's so warm. especially when we are talking nationally about how bitterly cold it is in central and western sections of the united states. >> but it's coming. >> it coming. it's coming. it certainly does not feel like the holidays.
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to feature a few wonderful holiday decorations of our viewers have sent in. look at those snowman waving to us. let's move onto cumberland. jack is said to be pretty much the griswold. he actually passed away last year and this is now done in memory of him. and from huntingtown road, maryland. a gorgeous house lit up. on the left corner of the screen you can actually see a nativity's -- nativity scene. some oflove to show off your holiday decorations. send us a picture. it will feel like the holidays very soon. right now, temperatures well into the 60's. 65 degrees him and over. , 52.ow this morning
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the average high at this time of year is 50 degrees. we were warmer this morning that we were for the morning low. the bitter blast is on the way. of can see the delineation that cold front. the very warm air out ahead of it. in atlanta. 77 in new orleans. but in billings, negative six degrees. coldvery dangerously temperatures. along this front is precipitation. icy conditions in texas through oklahoma into arkansas, missouri, and all of this stretching into the ohio river and -- river valley. it will move into our area overnight tonight and through the day tomorrow. look at all the watches and warnings stretching across the deep south. is a big-time
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concern today for some of these areas. for us, it will be a big issue by sunday in our area. throughout the afternoon, mainly cloudy. a few peaks of sunshine and throughout the overnight hours, some scattered rain showers will begin to move through. withrow, keep the umbra you. overnight in the 50's and we will pretty much stay in the 50's. as the cold air starts to spill him, the winds will shift out of the north. temperatures tomorrow will fall from the 50's into the 40's. friday overnight temperatures fall into the 30's. we start to dry out for the day on saturday. high temperatures only in the lower 40's. and continuing to be dry to the day. in another front approaches moving through the day on sunday. we will likely see the wintry mix, maybe some snow, sleet through the early morning on sunday.
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that will move to the north. through the afternoon i think it will be freezing rain. i slowly making was very treacherous for the afternoon. monday willto actually switch all over into rain. but again, the big story tuesday and wednesday is going to be cold, windy as well. temperatures in the afternoon only in the middle 30's. >> keep the heat cranked. >> i'm more concerned about the ice on the roads and vehicles. ourcan always visit website. we have blogs and much more information. >> with the warm temperature today, it might be a good day to get out there and cut down a christmas tree, or if you just want to kick up your feet, a christmas tree can be delivered to your home while you wait. but the special offer is only available today. and a major change --mmemm
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>> the virginia department of motor vehicles redesign the state license plate to incorporate the iconic virginia is for lovers slogan. take a look. this is the design governor bob mcdonnell unveiled. displayed near the bottom of the plate in black letters with a red heart in place of the fee in lovers. in lovers. >> if you are looking to take a trip, amtrak is offering a special today. one-way tickets to d.c. $442 apiece. that is about half the normal --
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$42 apiece. it is only available today. >> just 20 weeks -- two and a half weeks to go until christmas. home depot is making getting your christmas tree a little easier this year. they will deliver a seven foot tall fir tree to your front door until 8:00 tonight in the district. just download the app and request the hoover tree option. it will cost you 135 dollars, but comes with a tree, stand, and i think they even set it up. >> that is my kind of tree.
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>> expect to see a lot of this next year. it is called radiant orchid. look at this keller, ladies and gentlemen. this purple hue is announced as the 2014 color of the year. it is known as the color retailer. the color choice follows this year's pick of emerald green, which i also happen to be wearing. look at me. >> my sure did not change color. doug hill will be back with the very latest.
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